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Venue Dimensions


Sports Hall

Our Sports Hall is 17.7m wide by 36.0m long, perfect for 5-aside football/futsal or basketball training or matches. 

The hall can be split into 5 badminton courts and has 4 practice hoops along each side of the hall, plus the main end hoops; one of which is fitted to the wall and the other is an electric retractable hoop.

We have a stock of tables and chairs which can be used upon request.



Our Gymnasium is 11.6m wide by 21.2m long and is ideal for dodgeball, fitness and dance classes or any smaller group that doesn’t require a space as large as the sports hall.

The space has two practice hoops at either end of the room as well as badminton court markings.

The gymnasium can also be used as a party/event room at the weekend, with collapsible tables and chairs available on request. 


School Hall

Our School Hall is 12.0m wide by 17.2m long.

The stage is not available for public use but we hold many drama and dance group bookings in there who require a larger space than the Gymnasium.

We do have a screen and projector that hirers can use should they wish to hold a theatre style presentations or meetings.



Our Balcony is 6.1m wide 13.5m and is located above the Sports Hall.  Please be aware that access to this area is via stairs so, unfortunately, is not suitable for disabled visitors as there is no wheelchair access.

This area is the smallest space we offer and is ideal for smaller group meetings.